A downloadable Text Game for Windows

"DARK SOULS" is a spinoff of the popular Fantasy RPG franchise "Dark souls"  the game is known for its extreme difficulty so we decided to take that into account when making this.  Our game is a turn based RPG where the enemies are desinged to be just like they are...   HARD!  Even in a text based game . "DARK SOULS" is currently in its early stages but playable with a small quest line update "Explore the wastes"
If you enjoy the original Dark Souls games you might just like this one too!                           Note: We are making this for fun :)      

System requirements:

  • A working Windows pc...

All rights belong to the original authors of the franchise  


Install instructions

Extract the game and launch  DARK SOULS.bat

That's it...

if you encounter bugs that are minor or game breaking then please let us know in the discussion board


DARK SOULS v0.3.zip 80 MB
DARK SOULS (Mute version) (v0.2.6).zip 117 kB

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