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"DARK SOULS" is a spinoff of the popular Fantasy RPG franchise "Dark souls"  the game is known for its extreme difficulty so we decided to take that into account when making this.  Our game is a turn based RPG where the enemies are desinged to be just like they are...   HARD!  Even in a text based game . "DARK SOULS"  now including a small quest line update "Explore the wastes"

The new update also brings a lot to the table!

Here is what we have added:

  • Magic!!

Magic is a new way to play in combat.

Magic can be learned by any other class via leveling up.

The Pyromancer and the Sorcerer class start with some magical skill points.

  • A Sorcerer class!

We have added a new sorcerer class with magic that can be used in battles

  • Items!!!

We have made in-game  useable items.

So far we have added only 2 new items:

The Sorcerer's staff - Adds a huge buff to your magic skill points

 Lothric Greatsword- Adds a huge buff to your attack and parry skill points

  • Item Shop

Just like the title says it adds a place where you can purchase items

  • Major fixes in bugs 

Just some gameplay fixes:

We added a music fix file if the music of the game keeps playing after you have closed the game!

Just click on Music Fix.bat and that´s it!! No more digging in the task manager.

  • Gameplay balances and changes

The Dragonmaster has a 2nd phase now

Lothric Guardians now have different stats 

  • Themes!!

Finally... this took some time but now it's here with over 7 themes available to liven the experience up just a tiny bit more 

Themes can be found in the options

  • New Music

Unimportant enemies now have background music

  • Achievements 

This was also one of the unfinished things we planned to release by v0.3,

 and we have done it. achievements are available and fully working!

If you enjoy the original Dark Souls games you might just like this one too!                           Note: We are making this for fun :)      

!!Do not run this game from the itch.io app it will not open correctly!!

rather open it  directly from the folder under the name DARK SOULS.bat

System requirements:

  • A working Windows pc...

All rights belong to the original authors of the franchise  


Updated 10 days ago
Release date Aug 07, 2019
GenreRole Playing
TagsBoss battle, dark-souls, Difficult, free, Retro, spinoff, Text based, Trading, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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